Dynamic Flow

Forging the connection between movement and breath, this style of vinyasa flow yoga will build heat, strengthen and stretch your body's capabilities. Explore the possibilities that the breath affords by moving to the body's juicy rhythm.

Slow Flow

Take your time and feel into the body, in this languid, exploratory class. The breath is still the rhythm we pay attention to, but it's the body that leads the movement. We move inquisitively as we flow between poses, taking more time to inhabit our experience and uncover different layers of sensation in each movement.

Yang Yin

Striking the delicate balance between fiery, upbeat energy and mellow, downtempo groove in our lives can be a challenge. This class revels in the yang - the sweaty, hot breath infused flow, before settling right down into the yin to give our souls a chance to stretch. There's beauty in contrast, and this class provides a safe container to reconnect with our equilibrium.


A delicious, slow and meditative style of yoga that works the fascia and connective tissue that can so often hold our bodies in rigid and unhelpful patterns. Long, slow holds are the name of the game here, as is the use of props to feel totally supported as you go on your inner journey with thisintrospective style. Embody your meditation, connect with your breath and sense fully your experience of being alive.


Fusing yoga, acrobatics, dance and massage, AcroYoga opens up a world of possibility for exploring what's possible in terms of moving our bodies. It challenges strength, balance, endurance and flexibility, but also shows us what is happening with our focus, ability to communicate, and intention to connect with others. Acroyoga can be both acrobatic and therapeutic, and is a real-life illustration of the dance of balance between strength and support.

Something like... yoga

These classes explore the places where yoga intersects with dance, acrobatics, contact improv and other types of movement. Sometimes it looks like yoga, sometimes it looks entirely different. The point of these classes is to deepen a sense of curiosity, and to open our bodies and minds to the possibilities available to us in movement.