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Embodied Flow Yoga at IRIS Fest Hong Kong

I'm so excited to bring Embodied Flow to Hong Kong. It's a continuum of movement and expression that integrates a deep awareness of the body's capacity to move, and allows for a profound knowledge of our subtleties in movement, breath, energy and sensation. 

Embodied Flow was developed by Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons, with the intention of bringing together each of their extensive backgrounds in movement, yoga, embodiment practices, healing modalities and philosophical knowledge. What has been formed is a style of yoga, if we take yoga in in its broadest possible defining terms. It provides a map for a greater depth of experience in all aspects of life: movement, relationship, embodiment, contemplative awareness, and creativity. 

As the name suggests, Embodied Flow provides a pathway towards experiencing a sense of flow in life, and because it takes yoga as its broadest definition, the intention is to be able to access this sense of flow both on and off the mat. Accessing the flow state more often in life opens us to the possibility of experiencing greater ease, connection and adaptability.

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