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Awkroyoga at New York AcroFest

I'll be leading a workshop at New York Acrofest with my teaching partner, Travis, and we will get into the beautifully strange side of AcroYoga. We will endeavour to have you let go of (or at least relax) your preconceived notions of what makes Acro, and instead try on different approaches that might include stubborn creativity, flamboyant awkwardness, extreme communication, and radical trust. We want to show you that the path to invention is paved with ugliness and ridiculousness, but that within this laughable process can be found nuggets of creative wisdom that would otherwise go overlooked! 

Awkroyoga embraces the awkward inherent in all of us, and sees it as a fertile ground for sheer brilliance. 

For a discount on your ticket to NY Acrofest, use code "ZARA" and I'll see you there! 

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